Day 6: The Protagonist and my Antagonist


Two Beasts beat up against my chest

One I love, and one I hate

The one I feed will dominate

Author unknown:

Who am I in all this? I am all of this and all of this I must sort out. I’m trying to reach a solid foundation here. So my process is introspection and realizing that I am and have been the creator, creating the created relationships. As I become more aware of my patterns of behavior I coast to a stop. I’m learning to change the subject while interacting with others and I can see a change deriving from my new position. I understand I will not be able to stop the mind immediately, as it has had free rein for many years. Nevertheless, I can change my course by directing it as I take self-responsibility for my allowance and acceptances. So I breath, I forgive myself and redirect myself into a new pattern. I am becoming more aware of me in and as the breath, which is quite fascinating to experience, rather soothing and comforting.

As I listen to videos’ read blogs’ they are very supportive in showing me just how separated I have been without an awareness.

I forgive myself for allowing/accepting any forms of judgments which has only separated me from life as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting creations that I created as the creator in separation from who I am. I recognize that all creations exist due to my very own relationship I have in them as the creator. Therefore, I stop by forgiving myself and take responsibility in not allowing or accepting anything that I have created from past memories in judgment/separation as my very own protagonist/antagonist.

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